Candle Refill

Return your cleaned out candle containers to have them refilled with any of our currently available fragrances! 

Refills are 15% off the regular price of the candle. It can take us up to 2 weeks to complete refills, but we do our best to have it back to you sooner! We will shoot you an email or give you a call when your candle is ready for pick up. We ask that you pick up your candle within two weeks after you're notified it's ready.

We require that all vessels being dropped off for a refill must have all wax, wick tabs, and adhesives on the inside of the container removed for us to refill them. We will not accept candles with wax left in them.  Also, at this time, we are only accepting our candle vessels for refills.

We have created a few resources/tutorials on our favorite way to clean out containers:

Check Out Our Cleaning Tips


These jars are beautiful but they can be fragile. Try to limit the exposure to extreme temperatures (i.e the freezer/oven/extremely hot water) to avoid cracking or ruining the jar.  We are not responsible for the condition of your jar once it is refilled/re-burned.
To maintain the integrity of the vessel and to avoid possible breaking, we suggest no more than 2 refills per container. 
Our recommended clean-out out methods are not the only way to clean your jar, just some of the ways that have worked best for us. 
If your candle jar is not fully cleaned out, we will not be able to refill it for you. All wax must be removed and it should be wiped clean.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contacts us! | 513-891-1100