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Burning Love Tins

Burning Love Tins

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Spread love and light with our charming Burning Love Tins! These unique candles not only emit a warm glow, but also feature fun and playful sayings. Perfect for gifting to someone special this Valentines day or adding a cozy touch to your home. 

All candles come in our signature Valentine's Day scent, Love Spell. Love Spell emits soft floral notes combined with salty oceanic musk and sandalwood to fill your space with a perfectly balanced sweet and sultry scent.

  • Top Notes: Ozone, Orange
  • Middle Notes: Sea Salt, Freesia, Eucalyptus
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk, Amber

14oz Candle | 1 Wick | Approx. 40 hours of burn time
Premium Fragrance Oils | Hand Poured in Cincinnati, OH.

*Limited quantity available while supplies last

Candle Burning Tips

We want to make sure that you are going to love your Nova Candle so below you will find some helpful tips to ensure you get the best burn possible!

Be sure to burn your candle long enough to allow the soy wax to melt all the way to the edge of the jar. Once it burns out fully to the diameter, you will want to continue to let it melt down about 1/4" deep. This is called a melt pool and is key because it's the point where all of the aroma is released, allowing you to fill the room with your favorite scent.  
Try to keep your candle away from excessive amounts of light. Since there are no added chemicals in our candles, soy wax tends to turn yellow if exposed to too much UV or florescent lighting. It doesn't affect the scent or quality of the candle at all but will affect the appearance.

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