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Craft Cocktail Jars
Craft Cocktail Jars

Craft Cocktail Jars

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Mixy craft cocktail jars are an easy, fun way to curate your own craft cocktails right at home! Choose from our two different cocktail options.

A very versatile cocktail kit, the Sundance can be mixed with just about anything to create a fun, citrus-y libation. We recommend infusing with vodka, tequila, rum, or bourbon!

Ingredients: Dehydrated orange, dehydrated strawberry, hibiscus, and turbinado sugar. 

The Tejas combines orange, jalapeño, and lime with a handmade turbinado sugar cube to deliver the easiest spicy margarita you’ll ever make.  We recommend infusing with tequila, vodka, or bourbon. 

 Ingredients: Dehydrated orange, dehydrated jalapeño, dehydrated lime, and turbinado sugar. 


  • Fill the jar with 12 oz. booze. Use water, tea, or an alcohol alternative for a mocktail.
  • Let it sit 1-3 days. The longer it sits, the stronger the flavor.
  • Shake, Strain, and Serve!

Each cocktail kit makes 8 servings (1.5 oz) of infused liquor. Repeat the process to get 16 servings!